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Newly Released Video: MCHAP Roundtable

MCHAP roundtable discussion on "Process and Performance" in S. R. Crown Hall with MCHAP finalist teams including architects and clients, MCHAP jury members, IIT CoA

faculty and students.

Roundtable discussion participants:

Moderators: Sarah Whiting, Jorge Francisco Liernur – MCHAP jury members

Discussion on Seattle Central Library: Joshua Prince-Ramus, Deborah Jacobs, Marcellus Turner, Carol Patterson – MCHAP finalist team representatives Sean Keller, Keefer Dunn – CoA faculty and student

Discussion on Altamira Residential Building: Guillermina Iglesia, Maria Contesti – MCHAP finalist team representatives Timothy Brown, Aimee Dewane – CoA faculty and student

Discussion on Iberê Camargo Foundation: Alvaro Siza, Jose Luiz Canal, Jorge Silva – MCHAP finalist team representatives Kenneth Frampton – MCHAP jury president Michelangelo Sabatino, Saad Alghamdi – CoA faculty and studen

Discussion on Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Bloch Building: Chris McVoy, Karen Christiansen – MCHAP finalist team representatives Dirk Denison – MCHAP director Martin Felsen, Myles Pena – CoA faculty and student

Discussion on Capilla del Retiro: Cristian Undurraga, Pablo Lopez – MCHAP finalist team representatives Maurcio Pezo – MCHAP Emerge winner Leslie Johnson, Sebastian Gharan – CoA faculty and student

Discussion on Mestizo Restaurant: Cecilia Puga, Igancio Murua – MCHAP finalist team representatives Andrew Shachman, Vedran Mimica, Marina Karpova – CoA faculty and student

Discussion on 1111 Lincoln Park Road: Pierre de Meuron, Jason Frantzen, Robert Wennett – MCHAP finalist team representatives Wiel Arets – CoA Dean and MCHAP jury member Marshall Brown, Aishwarya Kishan – CoA faculty and student