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Desinchá Store


São Paulo, Brazil

July 2020


José Luiz Furtado Gouveia, Thiago Rodrigues, Antonio Carlos Laraia Figueira de Mello


Brunna Dourado, Maria Fernanda Elaiuy, Diogo Matsui, Maria Fernanda Bellodi


Flavia De Figueiredo Muaze


Maira Acayaba


The project began by analyzing the conditionings, and the first step was to place the toilet on a non yet existing 1st floor, accessed by stairs, in order to leave the ground floor as open as possible. If we were going to verticalize the project, then we should absorb this extra space into the visitor experience. Making use of the mezzanine and the stairs that would lead to it in order to create a wholesome integrated journey. Not just a selling space, but a course that visitors could wander through.

The premises were established: play with the senses and natural elements to create an immersive space that allows visitors to explore Desinchá’s core elements and products.

The store was thought of as a journey in the sense that the elements chosen, and their disposition, would offer a way to present little by little what the brand is and the details of the product they’re selling. That being said, our intention was to create a pathway starting right from the outside, where visitors are intrigued and invited in.


The client asked us to solve a challenge: create an amazing experience that would faithfully represent the brand and it’s main product - tea - while inside a small 16m2 store with some technical difficulties. Inside this constrained space there were some important conditionings. Considering the selling of tea, we needed to include storage space for a large amount of packages. There was also a regulatory need to include a toilet for the staff. Those alone would take a lot of store space that was little to begin with. As we use to say, gentle sea has never made a good sailor - therefore we were thrilled with the challenge of using these conditionings to our advantage in order to create an amazing store.


The façade’s existing concrete blocks were used as a background for a cinectic installation with tea leaf shaped metal pieces that spin with the wind, creating patterns that can be seen from across the street. It is a delicate and intriguing way to display tea to the surroundings as an inviting element for people to come inside.

The broad stairs with natural materials invite visitors to explore the different ingredients from Desinchá tea, until they reach the top, where a mirror installation is reflecting the natural lighting and vegetation into a surreal space that offers a way to be present inside the experience and forget you're in the “Concrete Jungle City”.

Beyond aesthetics, the mirrors are directing the sun rays into a Cold Drip, a resistant glass equipment with many recipients aligned vertically that can make iced tea in a highly sustainable way. It was created specially for the project and placed right at the center of the store. The sun rays melt the ice from the higher recipient. The water then goes slowly through the herbs, until the tea is ready at the bottom, bringing all of the essence and aroma of Desinchá.

From the top of the stairs, visitors will be immersed in the mirror surreal experience and then they can start going down, following the tea making process, until they are back on the ground, ready for some tasting. From there, hopefully they will leave with a bag of tea and a great memory to pass on!

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