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Bertolotti Vial Machinery and Office Warehouse

2 (A) DosArquitectas

SAN LORENZO, Argentina

September 2019


Maria Eva Contesti Guillermina Iglesia


Virginia Florez, Rodrigo Herrera Muniz


Facundo Bertolotti


albano garcia


A recurring strategy in our designs is that of "the container and the content", meaning the inclusion of an encapsulated specific program that articulates and defines the different open spaces within a container that surrounds them. In this particular building this strategy is applied twice, firstly placing an enclosed program such as the office beneath and inside the shed. Secondly, within the office space, encapsulating the kitchen and bathroom to articulate the floor plan dictating the movements of clients and employees.


The building leans on one side of the lot allowing the continual circulation of vehicles on the parallel access lane. Likewise, the office volume raises to make room for the covered parking privileging the views towards the horizon. This horizon is not openly revealed through the openings, but through the material choice which appears distorted and diffuse towards the industrial landscape.


This commission is part of our work as Gea Desarrollos, from where we carry out the San Lorenzo Industrial Park located at the intersection of the Rosario-Santa Fe highway and the RP10 in the Province of Santa Fe.
This project is the result of teamwork with the client, Facundo Berttolloti, who in addition to value innovative ideas played an essential role through the entire process.

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