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2018 MCHAP.emerge

Wood House

Estudio Borrachia

Exaltacion de la Cruz, Barrio El Remanso, Pilar, Argentina

March 2016


Alejandro Hernán Borrachia


Matias Ezequiel Carloni ( technical drawer) Pamela Malvicini (Partner Architect )


Julián Maggini


Fernando Schapochnik


We understand the wood used as structure, cladding, division and deck, playing the lead role in the material logic of this house and at the same time as a search engine about new constructive alternatives, based on systems indigenously, materials easy manufacturing and handling, existing throughout the territory of our country and adaptable to different geographical and climatic conditions.


Conceived in a modular way and in line with the technological possibilities that wood construction permits, this work built within five months, allowed to keep their immediate environment natural state without altering the ecosystem. Even if required could be removed in a matter of days and the environment remain intact.


This house offers not only the response to timely and specific problem of your design and construction but also for studying the verification of a series of investigations that are carrying out for some years on the implementation of systems prefabricated dry low cost, quick realization. We believe that the ultimate interest in this work lies in its capacity to group its inhabitants, its flora and fauna with architecture, and that if all this works, the success of this house will not be based on any of the dominant preconceptions about Beauty or other issues directly related to our discipline. The contemporary world raises the reconceptualization of some subjects in relation to the architecture and all that it entails. Today we can not refer to a house from a unidirectional look, like the container that houses and consoles the man, as well as we can not think of a site, separating the architecture from its.

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