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2018 MCHAP.emerge

Arquitectura Rifa House G2010

Emilio Garateguy + Ignacio Trecca

Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay

March 2017


Emilio Garateguy Ignacio Trecca


Mario Báez + Adrían Durán / Mbad Arquitectos (Architects Advisors) Magnone Pollio (Structural Engineer) Gustavo Traverso / Estudio Oliver SRL (Constructor)


Arquitectura Rifa (Esteban Rey)



A single-family house of one hundred and twenty square meters was requested in a land of six hundred and thirty-two square meters, the land of forty-two meters long and fifteen meters wide is related on its short side with the coastal city promenade. The problems to be solved are two, first, making the most of the land by building only in one fifth of it, and second, to take advantage of the views of the promenade so precious as features of the Uruguayan coast. The general dispositions of the project are inferred by pure logic, a blunt block is constructed that thanks to the brick can relate to the sourrandint environment regulating the permeability without losing the volumetric force, while on the roof a light and ethereal barbacue is projected, a reference program of the "rioplatence" culture when it comes to social relations.


Every year the organization "arquitectura rifa" in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture design and urbanism organize a competition for architecture students of this faculty where those who wish to participate present their proposals as a traditional contest (physical delivery + model) and are evaluated by three juries proposed one by the faculty another by the organization "arquitectura rifa" and a third by the contestants. In this case a fourth jury was included due to the celebrations of the one hundred years of the faculty. Once the decision of the jury is made, the winning project is built with the advice of one or more architects previously selected by the organization.


The project at first glance is presented as a forceful, rigid and closed volume. An oversized stone to support a light structure without apparent formal relation to the whole. The truth is that in terms of brick volume, it behaves as a fluid, flexible and open object in order to control all the light that enters through the brick. Formally, is very logic, a hard and heavy volume of brick is projected to survive the time dominating the light and the environment forever, while everything that is light and white is ephemeral and modifiable.

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