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2016 MCHAP.emerge

San Francisco Building

José Cubilla

Asuncion, Paraguay

September 2014


José Cubilla


Dahiana Nuñez (architect) Maria Paz Gill (architect) Celeste Sakoda (architect) Horacio Cherniavsky (architect) Paulina Aguilar (architect)


Maria de la Paz Peña Nieto


Lauro Rocha Berenice Gomez


It is very important not cause a negative impact to the site. We are interested in the involvement of architects in the construction process. Serenity, austerity ,material crudity, economy and achieve the desired space or protected and appropriate shelter, make this an opportunity to finish building the space, without losing the memory of our roots, and respect for our very special climate. Local labor, local materials and low costs, recycling materials, the shadow or penumbra, the city and time are themes that are reflected in the project. Respect for the social, natural and technical resources conditions in which the project is formulated.


The residential building SAN FRANCISCO is located in Jara neighborhood of Asuncion. A traditional neighborhood of housing with courtyard, hills and ceramic; leafy trees, shadows and views. A neighborhood that is transforming itself into an ideal place to live by its proximity to the civic center ,the most important of the country,which it is in the process to greater densification. Our real concern is, which is our attitude or contribution to this transformation. We journey times where universal concern for reducing energy consumption is the debate in the field of design and production of goods. Our architectural decisions try to understand and value the premises of the place (context, subtropical weather, deficient infrastructure in a poor country, ets.) solving the problems of the intense heat and excess light, with elementary, essential, economic and local solutions.


Ceramic filter on the west side (main facade) and understanding that cross ventilation in the building are fundamental. Is evident the desire of the building that the light stay controlled, or filtered. Besides the red brick (a traditional material with strong roots in the country) wall filter of the building, that filters excessive light, we have a well-ventilated spaces. The plants are well ventilated with big balconies and specially connected with the outside… The common terrace to enjoy the sky, the Chaco horizon, or the urban view. It has the fire tank / pool as a warranty for any emergency for the community or neighborhood. Available to all. Also re-use the water from the rain, that are collected and used in sanitary and gardens… The goal is to achieve efficiency in a product and techniques economically accessible, socially beneficial as and environmentally healthy.

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