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2016 MCHAP.emerge

Funes Town House

Pedrido Theiler Arquitectos

Funes, Argentina

October 2014


Ignacio Pedrido Fanelli Santiago Javier Theiler



Silvia Feijoó


Leonardo Javier Losada


The Project understands the essence of the place through the use of austere materials and the direct relation with the surroundings. The two-module building is completed entirely by exposed brickwork. One of the modules is more permeable and allows the connection between the garden and the living room, garage and grill-shed. The other one, blinder and south-oriented, includes more intimate rooms. This arrangement leads to the entrance to the house and offers contact with nature.


The assignment proposes the design of a house of temporal use in a plot located in a new urban area on the outskirts of Funes, Gran Rosario, Santa Fe. The place and its characteristics determined a direct relation between the project and the far horizon. The fact that the line of sight is north-oriented established the location of the house on the limits of the cornet lot setback requirements. The absence of buildings nearby encouraged the creation of different spaces in relation to the exterior and according to times of the day.


A simple but appealing shape in a flatland generates its own space in shadows outdoors and allows recreational activities common in this type of houses. The project offers a series of abstract modules which interact with the surroundings in various ways without showing the scale of the work but helping perceive it as simple objects in the landscape.

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