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2014 MCHAP.emerge

Disconnected Pavilion

Plan:B Architects

Medellin, Colombia

August 2010


Felipe Mesa Rico / Plan:B Architects, Federico Mesa Rico / Plan:B Architects


Industrias del Hierro (Construction direction), Sebastian Serna (Assistant architect)


CAMACOL, Antioquia


Sergio Gomez


The building shouldn’t be completely closed; it must let the air flow from the outside to avoid using mechanical acclimatization systems. Of course, this fact can carry some inconvenient but from our point of view they are minimum for Medellin weather: Some little access of horizontal rain inside the pavilion, and not optimum acoustic conditions.


This was a small commission to design a pavilion for a construction fair in Medellín and to make the project more interest for us, we proposed to the client a series of conditions: - The project must be built with donated materials from the different participant companies and put together as a mix of a same size panels distributed all over the façades according to the sun orientation or the bioclimatic strategy. - These material must have some bioclimatic or sustainable qualities or be affordable. (Due to the amount of companies interest in participate this terms were not always completed). - The pavilion must be disassembled and donated to a low-income community or neighborhood in the city to function as a community space for all kind of events.


The interior space of this pavilion is ambiguous and flexible: during the construction fair, the cube allows to give some lectures, commercial products launches and different kinds of meetings. For the future it could work as an open space for celebrations, religious ceremonies, political meetings, communitarian activities, etc.

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