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Tiny House Quinn

Taller ACÁ

Guatemala City, Guatemala, Guatemala

December 2021


Jorge Villatoro (Lead Architect), Hans Schwarz Bassila (Lead Architect)


Julio Rodríguez (Architect)


Gabriela Quinn and Francis Quinn


Doris Trejo - Topofilia Studio


Beginning with the existing structure, we restored its original materials and infused unique elements by reimagining doors and windows as decorative focal points crafted from exposed brick by local artisans. The ground floor features a multifunctional space comprising a bedroom/living area, kitchenette, and full bathroom, each defined by repurposed wooden doors sourced from a 20th-century farmhouse owned by the family. Notably, a circular cast concrete sink serves as a distinctive, almost sculptural centerpiece, organizing the compact space efficiently.

Ascending a small metal staircase to the second level reveals a cozy living area and a gazebo, perfect for intimate conversations over coffee. This level, constructed with a metallic framework, boasts a panoramic window that showcases the project to the neighborhood, establishing it as an urban landmark. Moreover, it offers access to a breathtaking terrace, serving as the roof of the main house and providing unparalleled views.


With a 30 square meter space adjacent to the main house, this project was designed to transform what used to be a neighborhood convenience store into a welcoming space for friends and family.

The premise was to interpret, through design, the spirit of the family as people who are excellent hosts, with diverse cultures and sensitivity to nature. At the same time, we wanted to link the history of the structure to the present time, recovering and transforming the old store, a solid brick masonry construction, with a contemporary and innovative language.


The simplicity of the work and the meticulousness of its conceptualization and construction have made it a gathering place for family and friends and, as the owners describe it, this small house is now their "Happy Place".

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