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Hotel The Somos Bold

Mapas arquitectura y territorio


May 2023


Juan Carlos Aristizabal Zuluaga (General DIrector)


Carolina Rendon (Architect coordinator), Roger Escalante (Architect coordinator), Manuela Bonilla (Interior Designer), Cesar Espinal (Structural Engeneer), Juan Pablo Martinez (Landscape Design


Adriana Aristizabal


Alejandro Arango


Develop a hospitality, cafe and a restaurant project in a plot of 10 meters wide and 35 meters depth. Only 10 meters of facade to the street wile the other three face were enclosed.

The main challenge was to bring as much natural light as possible thru the depth of the building, which was made possible thru two patios, one in the middle and the other at the end.

The needs of the project were to develop a remarkable project for hospitality, a cafe and a restaurant. The program was thought to be as public as possible taking into account contextual matters such as tropical weather all year long, making it permeable and open.

The project has three main points to be developed. The integration of nature into it, through gardens as the tropical exhuberation of its geography. Integrating a cultural symbol thru the interpretation of pre-columbian arts to the design of it. And the challenge to make it as permeable as possible, in terms of public use, thru the location of the program in both sides. The cafe in the first floor and the restaurant in the terrace.

Between this two public programs, contained by them was located the hospitality program, containing 26 rooms for visitors.


Located in the neightborhood of Manila, in the city of Medellín, Colombia, the hotel is a piece that settles abstracting the geometries and fabrics of pre-Columbian art, while integrates into the natural exuberance of the trees that are part of the street where is located. Gardens are induced in the geometrical feautures of the project to be enriched and exalted as an extension of the street, sa well as the permeability that the tropical weather allows.

Three green voids make up the project. The urban void on the main façade with local vegetation in the front garden and balconies. The spiral central patio contains the vegetation that ascends to the terrace and extends following the geometry of the roof like a canopy.

And the backyard with a vertical garden that acclimatizes the rooms that are related to it.

While the concrete block enclosures become chromatic fabrics, the balconies on the façade have a simple but forceful play of geometric figures. The central courtyard, which is perceived as an ascending spiral, extends the public space from the first floor to the terrace (public restaurant). The terrace cover conceived as an oval makes geometric reference to the “Muisca raft”.

The color of the metal structure “Tropical Grapefruit” is inspired by the sunset of the city of Medellín, contrasting with the blue of the sky and the green of the mountains.


The project has contributed to build and consolidate tourism as a service economy in the city. It has performed in a way that improve the quality of architecture of the neightborhood, thru its mixed program (hospitality, cafe and restaurant). As well as featuring geometric architectural elements, such as balconies, stairs, vertical gardens and a canopy.

In the main facade the balconies with it´s geometrical expressionism facing the street, creating a landmark in the neighborhood.

The stair sorrounding the central patio as the spine of the building, shifts the idea of the squared colonial patio at the middle of the building, making a spiral vertical circulation, redefining the patio.

Thought as a stair for the scenic joy, it have become part of the daily life of the building used by many guests, instead of using the elevator, they enjoy the walk with the greenery hanging from the borders of the spiral.

The vertical garden that is located in the backyard, has been a refreshing air oasis for the rooms that face it.

It have inspired movements of artists to visit the building and sketch it. Although the building could be easthetically atractive, creating social gathering around it have been inspiring in ways it was not thought to, amplyfing its impact in the collective memory.

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