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Greenville Country Administration Building (GCAB)


Greenville, South Carolina, USA

September 2023


Nigel Dancey (Senior Executive Partner), Russel Hales (Senior Partner)


Carolyn Gembles (Partner), Nicola Scaranaro (Partner), Joseph Bausano (Associate Partner)


RocaPoint Partners (Client / Developer); Greenville County (End User)


Brandon Stengel


The project seeks to maximize transparency and create a sense of openness between the public and government officials. The design features an optimized perimeter and glass curtain wall, symbolically removing the boundary between the two and fostering a connection. The building is designed to provide occupants with light-flooded offices and spacious communal lobby areas, offering views of the natural surroundings. The two office blocks are linked by a shaded public courtyard and a footbridge at level three, enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

The building is clad in warm-coloured metal, reflecting the earthy tones and historic use of brick masonry prevalent throughout Greenville County. The precise edges of the perimeter profile accentuate the linear façade system, creating a distinct visual identity. The Veterans Memorial Wall features corten steel, harmonizing with the warm tone of the building's facade.

The development aims to create a vibrant public space that integrates architecture and landscape, providing a welcoming environment for both office workers and visitors. It seeks to be a successful civic development, becoming an integral part of the city, and serving as a transparent and progressive symbol of government within Greenville County.

The project combines the natural surroundings of the site with a civic destination that brings life to the neighbourhood. The building's iconic floating roof and its emphasis on natural light contribute to its environmental objectives. Additionally, the design incorporates the ideals of Foster + Partners, focusing on the synthesis of structure, functionality, ecology, quality of natural light, and the ability to uplift spirits.


The Greenville County Master Plan is strategically located just south of Falls Park, creating a vibrant extension to the downtown area. The development is mixed-use and integrated with the surrounding urban fabric. Situated along Church Street and University Ridge, the masterplan, which is the new home for Greenville County, seamlessly connects key landmarks such as Falls Park, Cancer Survivor's Park, and the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

The building opens to the landscape, featuring a large public area with a fountain, landscaping, and the relocation of the Veterans Memorial Wall. This public space serves as a gathering point and is activated by cafes and restaurants, catering to office workers and visitors alike. The overhanging roof with its sharp edges accentuates the form of the building, creating stunning panoramic views of downtown Greenville and the mountains beyond.

In terms of its physical characteristics, the GCAB incorporates an optimized perimeter and a glass curtain wall, symbolically blurring the boundaries between the public and government officials. The County Square redevelopment serves as a civic destination that fosters community engagement and interaction.


The Greenville County Administration Building (GCAB) is proving to be a highly successful civic development during its initial period of use. The integration of the building with the surrounding context has seamlessly created a natural link between Falls Park, the new Cancer Survivor’s Park, and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. This connection aims to revitalize the strategic urban quarter, enhancing the pedestrian experience and promoting a sense of community.

In terms of user experience, the building has added significant value to its users. The light-flooded offices and vast communal lobby spaces provide a pleasant and uplifting working environment. The shaded public courtyard and footbridge at level three further enhances connectivity and encourage social interaction. Additionally, the incorporation of forthcoming cafes and restaurants within the plaza will create a vibrant and lively atmosphere, catering to the needs of both office workers and visitors.

Overall, the Greenville County Square redevelopment has not only fulfilled its intended purpose but has also become a landmark and a source of pride for the community. Its successful integration with the surrounding context, transparent design, and value-added user experience have made it a highly regarded civic development that contributes to the overall vitality and well-being of Greenville.

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