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Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo

Taller |Mauricio Rocha + Legorreta

La Huerta, Jalisco, Mexico

June 2023


Mauricio Rocha, Víctor Legorreta



Paralelo 19


Mauricio Ramos, César Béjar


To reduce the use of natural resources and optimize their use in the construction of the resort, during the design the decision was made to think of the spaces based on a palette of local and low-maintenance materials, which in addition to integrating with the tones and morphology of the context due to the geographical characteristics of the material, would reduce the periodic maintenance of the building. Thus, the use of five materials promotes a reduction in the constant maintenance of the finishes. In this way, the design of the hotel seeks to reduce the deterioration of the environment through the low consumption of chemical products that aim to recover the essential characteristics of a non-local material.


From the beginning, the Resort was planned as a building that would be inserted, like acupuncture, in the jungle, trying to mitigate excessive excavations that could cause strong erosion in the subsoil in addition to identifying the natural ravines formed, over time, by the runoff of the rains on the mountain, as well as the migratory steps of the fauna of the area that season after season have identified the Tamarindo reserve as a sanctuary of life. The architectural proposal is proposed from the position of moving with the jungle and not in it, the architectural intervention must be intervened by its context from the location that dictates its immediate context, which is the nature of the site.


The design of the hotel was based on respecting the topographic profile of the site. Since the land is divided into a beach area and a mountainous area, volumetric exercises were carried out with the panoramic views of the sea as a common thread, which together with the jungle, weaves a unique proposal where nature is the central axis of the design. .
The Resort is not only a place to rest, but also a space for contemplation and shelter with local identity. The project sought the sophistication of the traditional arts and crafts of Mexico. With its prime location and thoughtful design, the hotel redefines the lodging experience and highlights the natural beauty of the region.

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