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One Thousand Museum

Zaha Hadid Architects

Miami, United States

February 2020


Zaha Hadid Architects


O’Donnell Dannwolf Partners


1000 Biscayne Tower, LLC




At the time ZHA was commissioned to design the residential tower, Zaha had made Miami her adopted second home. She and our office were excited for such an opportunity to design a tower for a prominent, highly visible site. This would also mark our first tower in the Western Hemisphere. Expectations were extremely high and our objectives required ambitions to match.
Adjacent to Museum Park, we endeavoured to deliver a significant work of architecture when viewed on the skyline that also gave residents the feeling of residing within a work of high artistic merit. The distinctive architecture is ever-present from within each unit as well as the amenity spaces. The pursuit of an architecturally innovative solution from the overall design aesthetic, configuration in response to the brief, structural integration, and building execution were other objectives.
The innovations seen in OTM trace a direct lineage to ZHA’s constant endeavours to innovate. A world first construction system was developed for OTM’s defining feature, the exoskeleton, which posed the greatest design and construction challenge for the project. Referred to as a “permanent formwork solution”, factory-made Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) panels, provide both formwork and architectural finish. Considerably less wastage is incurred, which contributed to sustainability objectives.
The structure itself was an innovative deviation from the typical, moment frame structure used for vast majority of residential towers in the area. OTM’s brace frame structure is highly efficient, which allowed for further material savings with less usable space sacrificed to structure.


The site, programme, and surroundings for One Thousand Museum (OTM) challenged Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) to create a work of architecture that would resonate within the vibrant city of Miami. Sandy beaches and tropical weather have long been popular attractions, but Miami has also established itself as an international hub for businesses, cultural events and education. The diversity and energy of a global meeting place for people from around the world should be reflected in ambitious, new architecture.
ZHA has long explored fluid, expressive structures, where the formal properties are driven by structural principles, especially for tower design. The constant pursuit of innovation, quality design and construction to the highest standards also compel our architecture. As a result, One Thousand Museum is visually and physically pioneering, as well as, structurally efficient and perfectly suited to fulfil its programmatic requirements. The 62-storey, 84 unit, luxury condominium tower features deep balconies, broad vistas, generous amenities, and parking levels all configured and expressed in an unexpected, yet synthesized design.
The building’s external structure is its key feature; its form is both architectural expression and primary structure. Connecting at critical points for stability, it conveys the integrity and fluidity of the design and allows for greater uninterrupted floor areas within each apartment. Balconies are recessed within the structure for further articulation, depth and shading. The glass façade ripples between unit and room divisions appearing as a facetted crystal in the ever-changing Miami light, contrasting with the solidity of the structure and animating the design.


One Thousand Museum challenged the entire team to deliver a highly ambitious design to the highest quality standards within the demanding parameters of commercial viability. A commercial success with nearly all units sold, the realization of this significant addition to Miami’s skyline owes much to the dedication of everyone involved and the foresight to implement the most innovative design and construction techniques available. The novel permanent formwork solution was essential for attaining the design quality. It also reduced construction time, and eliminated the need for secondary support systems for both external cladding and internal finishes. A substantial reduction in material use with a 10% reduction of embodied carbon.
Miami’s renewed and energetic design culture is exemplified through events and venues such as the Design District, Wynwood, Art Basel, and of course Museum Park across from our site. In this context, it is especially rewarding that the tower is embraced by local residents who refer to it as the “Zaha Tower.”
With stunning vistas across the bay, the tower is also well situated in the urban environment providing safe, walkable access to any service required by residents and to multimodal transportation networks. OTM is an integrated, fluid and seamless expression of architecture and structure in direct response to programmatic requirements that now participates in the ensemble of buildings forming Museum Park, perfectly located to take advantage of the activity of the Adrienne Arsht Center, American Airlines Arena, and easy access to the beach.

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