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La Quinta

Perez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

San Miguel de Allende, Zona Centro, Mexico

November 2018


Pablo Perez Palacios


Alfonso de la Concha Rojas


Angel Perez Gomez


Rafael Gamo


The house was conceived under two main objectives, the first one was to create a project where you potentized the site considering the neighboring constructions. Also, the idea of making the project feel as if you were never either completely inside or completely outside. These intentions were achieved through potentializing the patios. Making the sky the best scenery the project could look up to. The project itself creates frames throughout it to make the sky feel like a work of art that would never be repeated. The project consists of two levels, where the first one included the public spaces of the house and the master bedroom, and the second level consisted of the guest bedrooms. Most of the spaces always maintained a direct connection to the patios.


La Quinta is a project located in the center of San Miguel de Allende a town in Mexico famously known for its rich history and constructions, characterized by numerous patios inside them. Today San Miguel de Allende is a pedestrian-oriented town that has been completely urbanized in the last couple of years. Buildings are being constructed under a series of strict restrictions that include specific openings on the facades, with a proportion of 2 to 1 on them. The project comes to life as a challenge to these regulations and how could we potentialize them. The project site had its complications because of it being surrounded by neighbors and the street on the other side, so the views in this project weren’t a thing.


After visiting the house months and years after the construction and observing how the family spent most of the day on these patios just watching the sky and the day pass by. Once inside La Quinta the limit between the exterior and the interior practically disappears, you always feel this idea of being part of the patios. Another great achievement is that the floor used in the house was the same used in all of San Miguel de Allende’s sidewalks, so this limit when you were coming in pretends to disappear, one second you are outside and another you are inside without noticing much of a difference. This generates a feeling of leaving the urbanization of San Miguel behind. Patios on the first floor create atmospheres of open space and this creates a sense of extension once inside.

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