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2018 MCHAP

Tierra Chiloe Hotel

MOBIL Arquitectos

Castro, Chile

October 2017


Antonio Lipthay


Sylvain Eymard-Duvernay (Collaborator)


Katari Hotelería Limitada


Nico Saieh Jorge Bustos Pía Vergara


The design of the hotel starts from the idea of a bridge that connects the distant sights in a way that doesn’t alter the topography of the landscape. This bridge on the one hand suspends the rooms on the second floor while on the other it protects the common areas under a cieling of inverted slope, which projects the views in the distance and seeks the entrance of as much light as possible.


The hotel was designed and built as an element of the nature of the place. Its architecture is a combination of the old Chiloe tradition with contemporary design tools. This is inserted in the place constituting an element that does not alter its surroundings, evoking the materiality and culture of the Island. From its location you can enjoy views across the sea and towards the Andes Mountains. It’s nearby views have at their disposal the permanent activity of the channels and the wetland of Pullao surrounding the peninsula.


The logic of design builds sheltered interiors in a context very exposed to extreme climate conditions, which are projected towards the exterior enjoying the views of the landscape. The design of the hotel is the result of this dialog between protecting and taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the site, which together build the memory and experience of visiting Chiloé.

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