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2018 MCHAP

The Samanes House

Carlos Campuzano Castello

Anapolma, Colombia

January 2016


Carlos Campuzano & Asociados Arquitectos De Valdenebro Ingenieros


Angela Hernandez (Collaborative Architect) Ana Milena Casas (Collaborative Architect) Alberto Pachon (Collaborative Structural design)


Francisco De Valdenebro


Andres Valbuena Carlos Campuzano Castello Francisco De Valdenebro


Primary Authors are the Architect Carlos Campuzano and the owner-structural designer and constructor Francisco de Valdenebro. His family members gave project directives to the architect. Expectations were a family-and-friends-full comfort house to provide memories for the new generation and frequent countryside relax.



The house has all ecological characteristics. A 5 m high vertical cut on the mountain prepared the site for the house. Resulting material fills down slope, thus obtaining a flat and extensive surface. The beautiful retaining wall was hand-built in wire gabions, stones gotten from the same field of construction and carved out manually. Aggregates to produce concrete brought in from short distance reduced the ecological footprint of the work. The entire house is LED lighted high energy efficient. A solar energy-full capacity plant is set on flat roofs. Wastewater treated by successive anaerobic bacteria and aerobic vegetation treatments goes to fruit plant’s irrigation. Soapy water collected by independent drains will be recycled for toilet use. Rainwater is collected in ponds and used for garden’s watering. Location and orientation of the house in search of the open and limitless west landscape from the social area coincided with bioclimatic design to achieve maximum natural ventilation and minimum solar exposure to the rooms. There is no air conditioning. Two large and giant outlandish tropical trees with more than 30 meters in diameter frame the house and provide generous and permanent shadow. The house uses the frequent south-north breeze as natural ventilation through the high rooms’ windows. It lowers room temperature by 3°C or 4°C. All its characteristics plus total integration to the landscape and the site brings full satisfaction to family and friends. Silent nights-no neighbors-wide spaces-full landscape-pool swimming- countryside walks and biking provide unique family opportunities for frequent-no time limited experiences.

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