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2018 MCHAP

Mariposa 1038

Lorcan O'Herlihy

Los Angeles, CA, USA

October 2016


Lorcan O’Herlihy / Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects


Amir Pirbadian, Inc. (Structural Engineer) Harvey Goodman Civil Engineering (Civil Engineer) Budlong & Associates (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) LINK Landscape (Landscape Architect) Guy Smith (Lighting Design)


June Luo, Mana Hale LLC


Paul Vu Minh Tran Matthew Brush


Mariposa1038 is a project that represents LOHA’s ongoing commitment to address and elevate challenging urban conditions. To blur the distinction between the public and private sphere, LOHA pushed the cube inward on its sides, creating curves that grant relief from the sidewalk and return portions of the ground plane to the public realm. The project establishes a curving outdoor space between the sidewalk and apartment block, which provides a "third space" that gestures back to the community. Balconies and window frames project outward, to recapture the space between the new geometry and the property edge. The building's curves offer each balcony a unique depth and view. The building's white skin reinforces the purity of the structure's form, and is broken by a rhythm of select black treatment to the protruding boxes. Throughout the day, the movement of dark shadows across the white and black facades activates the project with a dynamic sense of rearrangement. Internally, LOHA’s carved opening creates a central focal point for the building’s interior organization and welcomes natural light. The courtyard brings daylight and cool air into the units, taking advantage of the natural cross ventilation, which reduces the need for air conditioning. Embracing a design for the future, the building configuration allows for ground floor parking to be easily converted into a programmable area for exercise or recreation.


Housing is now an urgent need in Los Angeles. LOHA’s guiding philosophy, Amplified Urbanism, places design as a primary tool to create excellence that extends beyond the physical form into the surrounding community. Mariposa1038 is located in one of the densest neighborhoods in the country, Los Angeles’ Koreatown, a community at the forefront of changing modes of contemporary urban living. The neighborhood appeals to a large population of renters who are drawn to living close to Downtown and having access to public transportation, dining, and nightlife. LOHA’s design for Mariposa1038 plays with this burgeoning area’s density, and embodies an urban philosophy that uses private development to engage the public realm.


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