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2018 MCHAP

Huachinango 34

Juan Carral O'Gorman

Cancun, Mexico

August 2017


Juan Carral OGorman


David Vazquez Calderon (industrial designer)


Juan Carral OGorman


Wacho Espinosa Blademir Alvarez


We have manage to find the land, design, get the permits, build and manage the fastest and easiest way possible giving architecture a character of catalyst through the urgent urban renovation our mexican cities need, this building will dialogue with 3 more buildings we are starting this year right on the side, as a way of making architecture the tool to make a better city


The typical floor plan works as a 900 sqft apartment that looks to each side and that can turn into one 300 sqft and another 600 sqft, duplicating density and giving flexibility to the user and owner.


People make cities alive. We have proved flexible housing projects will make different kinds of people use the new structure. Diversity, flexibility, economy, design and managment are our driver to impulse urban projects like this one, giving meaning to the built environmet and to the city itself.

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