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2018 MCHAP

Entre Bloques House

Natura Futura Arquitectura

Babahoyo, Ecuador

October 2017


Natura Futura Arquitectura


Urbanofacto (Design Graphic)


Oscar Mora


JAG Studio


Define a response of housing, through different strategies such as the application of principles of sustainable design, use of local materials with low embodied energy and the participation of the local workforce. Still in the process of searching for ways to question the possibility of having a solution code closer to the reality and optimization of resources.


The local and traditional as processes and the context as a resource Audiovisual Communicator, cultural manager of musical events, free spirit and owner of a plot of 7x10 mt2 where you had to carry out the intervention, Oscar are looking for a shelter. The project was to capture the spirit not only creative of the occupying power, but by the way, is to rip that soul fragile, lightweight evanescent of small town.


Its materiality constructive experience basic types of envelopes, using the composition as a tool of exploration. It is built with masonry concrete block with overlap, doors and windows of traditional archetypes in glass and metal, wood eaves transparent as a response to the need of enlightenment, and large windows to promote cross ventilation that will deal with the tropical climate of the region. The proposal includes the design of the furniture within the minimum royalties to save space and generate a helpful environment.

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