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2018 MCHAP

Bio Bio Regional Theatre

Smiljan Radic - Eduardo Castillo - Gabriela Medrano

Concepcion, Chile

March 2018


Smiljan Radic


ByB structural engineering (Engineer)


National Council for Culture and the Arts. Chile's Government


Gonzalo Puga


All this paraphernalia around the halls –understood as open fields in the middle of this 3.90 m structural frame edge– is simply a scaffolding, as if it were the backstage part of a scenery, the lower-rank supporting structure that is usually hidden from view.


Inside, the spectator will move/climb a spatial grid that stubbornly appears to measure/occupy each corner. It is in theaters where this grid loses saturation and gives enough space for the performance, a black air, a penumbra with blurred edges.


In this way, the viewer need not wait to cross the lobby and access the darkness of the hall to open the theatre, as the mystery appears before anyone enters. It is enough that the passer-by/spectator sees the mantle that falls on the building, guarding it, in order to presage, as Kantor says, that inside something is hidden, or at least to believe for a moment that to move around inside will form part of an experimental process.

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