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2018 MCHAP

Art Collection Warehouse and Gallery

Fernando Ituarte

Mexico City, Mexico

December 2017


Fernando Ituarte / estudio fi arquitectos


Alberto Bolaños (Designer) Fernando Ituarte Verduzco (Designer) David Esparza (Designer) Jazmin Mena (Designer) Virginia Piña (Designer) Patricia Garcia (Designer) Laurent Herbiet / 3P Technik (Water Harvesting Consultant and Designer)


Moises Cosio


Luis Young


On an abandoned structure at the south of the city, we designed and built a warehouse, to store and document a private collection of art. Because of the building inner nature and with the newly designed elements, the place can also work out as a gallery to exhibit the stored art pieces. With the displacement and versatile arrangements of the moving screens -racks-, the interior light can be nuanced to find an infinity of possibilities for museography and art exhibitions. This screens are the foremost object in the gallery, as they store, divide the space and blend the light.


In the southern area in Mexico City our volcanic history is exposed in Pedregal. Barragan's dream of appropriation and preservation in the stone. The landscape nowadays is not as its recalled. Turned into a rich suburb, old volcanic stone walls are turned into marble and greek facades. The aim of the project is to create a strong dialogue between the site, its stone and the light in the gallery.


Educacional facilites and public spaces are key to society. Art is the link between the site and the light, between people and the building. At the same time, it is a tribute to all pieces and artists, as it performs at the same time as a warehouse and as a gallery. To achieve people's involvement in art thru educational programs is as important as presenting exhibitions and lectures in the building. It is mainly a Warehouse, but it is also a Gallery, a School and a Museum. It all connects our present, thru contemporary art, with the light and stone in Mexico City's magnificent volcanic history.

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