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2018 MCHAP

Aresta House

Matheus Seco - BLOCO Arquitetos

Brazilia, Brazil

April 2017


BLOCO Arquitetos


Daniel Mangabeira (Author) Henrique Coutinho (Author)


Marcelo Trovão Fraiz


Reinaldo Haruo Mikami


We wished to protect the interiors and the courtyard from the excessive heat of the afternoon sun and to keep unobstructed views towards the valley. This protection needed to be designed according to the budget that was available, so we have decided to dismiss any extra device of solar protection such as brise-soleils or awnings and to use only the house´s sole geometry. In order to achieve this we advanced one floor over the one right below it; following the average inclination of the sun over the year during the period between 15h30 and 16h00, when the temperatures are higher. Therefore, the form of the west façade reflects the inclination of the sun at this determined period of the day.


The house is located in a residential area far away from the city center in Brasília. The weather in this part of Brazil is characterized by a thermal amplitude that causes the temperatures to be normally mild in the morning and either hot or very hot during the afternoons. The lot is surrounded by existing constructions on the north and east sides and a empty lot on its south side, where a new construction is gonna rise in the future. Its west side; the one that is directly exposed to the afternoon sun, has unobstructed views towards a valley with native vegetation. The main idea was to open the main views towards the valley to the west and to use the geometry of the house to cast shadows to protect its internal spaces from the harsh afternoon sun, dismissing any extra device of solar protection besides its sole geometry.


The afternoon sun only starts to directly hit the bedroom and living room windows at the end of the day, when temperatures start are milder. The use of energy to cool the internal spaces is therefore minimized and the use of natural light is maximized. The shadow that is cast over the backyard also keeps its temperature mild during the afternoon. The transparency of the living room allows for unobstructed views from the backyard to the valley through its internal space. There is a ramp that connects the street directly to the backyard. There´s also an extra empty space at the center of the stairs that can be used for the installation of a small lift in the future to improve accessibility.

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