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2018 MCHAP

Ancram Barn

Worrell Yeung Architecture

Ancram, NY, USA

September 2017


Worrell Yeung Architecture


Maxwell Worrell (Principal)



Magda Biernat


The commission was to build an accessory multifunction barn to an existing residence. It houses and supports gardening, vehicular storage, and sheltered outdoor living. The building’s overall form is clean and simple, and its volume is a single, unobtrusive gabled roof structure that nestles into the hillside with retaining walls that create a drive court between the barn and the house. As a result, the new structure stands harmoniously with the forms of the existing house and structures on the property, while being unique at the same time.


We recently completed this new 1,500 square foot storage barn in Ancram, New York. Located in a 30 acre property with a traditional existing house and other structures, this modern barn adopts an unmistakably contemporary design approach, while incorporating key elements of agrarian vernacular of the Hudson Valley region.


The barn accommodates storage for two cars along with a dedicated garden/potting area and a flexible, covered outdoor room. This space offers a dramatic vantage point onto the property and frames the Berkshires mountains beyond. Inside, the prefabricated wood scissor truss structure and wood framing is left exposed. Material selections throughout were made to be durable and require little maintenance given the climate zone. The roof is black metal and the exterior is clad in vertical black-stained hemlock wood siding while the interior is clad in the same hemlock wood but left natural.

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