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2016 MCHAP

Wood Innovation and Design Center

Michael Green Architecture


January 2014



Carla Smith Kristalee Berger Alfonso Bonilla Jordan van Dijk Guadalupe Font Adrienne Gibbs Jacqueline Green Asher deGroot Soo Han Kristen Jamieson Vuk Krcmar-Grkavac Alexander Kobald Sindhu Mahadevan Maria Mora Maria Mora Mingyuk Chen Seng Tsoi




As a facility conceived to showcase the potential for building mid-rise and high-rise structures using engineered mass timber products, there is no concrete used in the building above the ground floor slab, with the exception of mechanical penthouse. The design incorporates a simple, ‘dry’ structure of systems-integrated CLT floor panels, Glulam columns and beams, and mass timber walls. This simplicity translates into repeatability of the system. Instead of focusing solely on a showpiece structure, we created a building that can be easily replicated. This was a fundamental choice, made in the interest of seeing many more architects, engineers, and private developers recognize the value of mass timber design as alternative to steel and concrete. This is the best way to ensure that the BC wood economy grows: Through repeatable meaningful innovation.


The University of Northern BC will occupy the lower three floors of the building with facilities for a proposed Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design. Upper floors provide office space for government and wood industry-related organizations. The eight-storey building (6 storey with mezzanine plus penthouse), stands 29.5m tall — for the moment, the world’s tallest modern all-timber structure, a benchmark soon to be broken by other mass timber buildings in the works.


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