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2016 MCHAP

Versace Showroom


New York, NY, USA

February 2015




SITU Fabrication (Fabrication) O'neil Langan Architects PC (Architect of Record)




André Herrero


In lieu of walls, three-dimensional movable objects break down the space into smaller realms and pockets, while serving as display for clothes and accessories. Guided by flush brass floor tracks, these objects glide and rotate through the space, continuously redefining their surroundings. Conceived as autonomous “Characters”, each has a unique form and language of movement. Their movement create a range of soft spatial relationships, each dialogue producing radically changing in-between zones. These found spaces can be carefully calibrated to offer a variety of spatial qualities from intimate for private meetings to open for shows and events.


The Versace wholesale showroom is located on the 20th floor of an office tower overlooking Central Park, in Manhattan. The wholesale operation requires a high level of flexibility to accommodate a variety of meetings and merchandising of different collections under the Versace brand.


The Characters are cut and folded from a durable translucent plastic typically found in industrial applications, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). The plastic is both structure and finish, assembled with thousands of brass screws. Subtle translucency amplifies varying daylight from three walls of windows, changes each Character’s appearance throughout the day, and reveals their skeletal structure and assembly. A highly reflective stretched PVC ceiling in combination with mirror columns intensify the sense of movement and shifting instability. The space is overlaid with reflected images of street life and of Central Park twenty floors below. Deep, reflective window boxes dematerialize the boundaries of the space. The experience is a kaleidoscope of multiplying views, colors, and movement. The abstract space foregrounds merchandise while the sensuous and otherworldly atmosphere reflects the essence of Versace.

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