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2016 MCHAP

UVA el Paraíso - San Antonio de Prado

Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano EDU - Taller de Diseño

Medellin, Colombia

August 2015


John Octavio Ortiz Lopera


Victor Hugo Garcia Restrepo (Architect) Gustavo Andres Ramirez Mejia (Architect) Ana Carolina Restrepo Acosta (Architect) Juan Pablo Ramos Gaviria (Architect) Catalina Ochoa Rodriguez (Architect) Jorge Diego Ramirez Agudelo (Architect) Julián Camilo Yepes Patiño (Architect) Julián Esteban Gómez Carvajal (Architect)


INDER - Instituto de deportes y recreación


Alejandro Arango Escobar Julián Esteban Gómez Carvajal Victor Hugo García Restrepo


This building is a rigorous placement exercise where the architectural program is split into four volumes that revolve around an existing soccer field that was transformed, which is the central core that links all programs, a precise distribution as an act of respect for conservation of several trees of great natural importance and two creeks running through the lot. From urbanism the existing platform it extends to a large public terrace that embraces the soccer field as the main stage. "Respect for nature. Trees, bushes and existing plants are the basis of design, architecture link them and involve them. Each one increases the value of the spaces generated” Medellin is a city with very few lots for the new generation of public spaces and facilities, a challenge that has led us to design buildings that are parks on their covers, optimizing the area for citizen encounter. Due to our geographical condition these covers becomes perfect city balconies and in the case of UVA, hosting the manifested wishes of the community in various activities that energize urban life and its environment like, outdoor gym, skate park, playground, community events square and an interactive space with water, 100% effective and accessible public space.


UVA (articulated life unit) “The Paradise”, is a sport center, recreational and cultural activities, is conceived as an neighborhood club immersed in one of the districts of highest development of Medellin, its location responds to the consolidation of a strategic project of urban centralities, which linked through the creek La Cabuyala as environmental axis and San Antonio de Prado Park-library as an existing cultural facilities, are the services offering of a rural community and in housing expansion, with a high demand in cultural activities, music and sports. This project was born of community participatory design through collective construction of ideas and imaginaries where the citizen is the protagonist, methodologies that enriched the design with spaces oriented toward proposals for extreme sports spaces and cultural activities such as music disclosure and dancing, generating a sense of belonging, ownership and sustainability. "The architecture and urbanism as platforms among the state with their programs and projects and communities achieving their dreams and ideas, this is social innovation"


"Architectures that value and enhance the daily life of the neighborhood, to see by the balcony, descry, playing in the street, talking on the terrace, having a coffee at the store, the neighborhood has taught us to appreciate this cultural wealth and bring to our projects ". There is an offer of services to the community in many leisure and training activities , music rehearsal rooms, recording master, sports center, gym, auditorium, dance room, children's playroom and a soccer field in synthetic grass which is also the scenery of events. It is a building in concrete in sight, facades composed by a series of vertical brises in warm colors chosen by the community, which are themselves part of building bioclimatic sun protection strategy.

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