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2016 MCHAP

Stone Echo

Roman Jesus Cordero Tovar and Izbeth Katia Mendoza Fragoso

Espita, Mexico

November 2014


Román Jesús Cordero Tovar/PLUG Izbeth Katia Mendoza Fragoso/PLUG


TACO (Local Contractor )


Fundacion Espita A.C.


Marcos David Matute Gonzalez Rusel de Jesús Uicab Pat Archivo Fotografico Fundación Espita Román Jesús Cordero Tovar


Our idea reveals the importance of the rural water well and historical structure amplifying its presence to the limit of the plot, acting as an epicenter and bio-cultural meeting spot through the activation and reuse (with a minimal resources amount) of an sterile and forgotten public area.


BACKGROUND In August 2013, the Espita AC Foundation, convened a group of architects and artists for contribute in rethink the public water extraction structures (wells) that once gave water livelihood and serve as meeting point to an entire community. SITE The place for intervention is located east of Yucatan state, México, called “Xpit-Ha” for its Mayan name meaning "place where water scarce", and this is where "the well" acquires great value in itself, both historical and bio-cultural role precisely in a landscape where water was difficult to find. The community stop the use of these structures since the arrival of potable water’s network in town. Today are damaged, forgotten and have lost all power of convocation.


The stone structure offers the opportunity of receive and interact with multiple traditional collective activities, like the traditional day of the dead religious ceremony. At the same time, the project configures a collective atrium that serves as a prelude to the adjacent cemetery and creates a landmark reference to the rural town access.

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