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2016 MCHAP

Sanmartin605 Apartment Building

Teodoro Boza Rizo Patron, Violeta Ferrand Malatesta

Barranco, Peru

August 2014




BOZAFERRAND arquitectos (Estudio)


Inmobiliaria Puerta Roja S.A.C.


Maria Luisa Malatesta Juan Solano


The apartment building stands on a corner lot of 342.10 square meters (15.50m x 22.00m). It is an eight-story structure with a basement parking garage, the total built area measures 2504.15 square meters. The distribution of the floors are variable, with three distinct patterns: 1. Floors 2, 3 and 5 have two flats per floor. 2. Floors 4 and 6 have four duplexes with mezanine. 3. Floors 7 and 8 have four triplex penthouses. The building has a total of 18 apartments and 26 parking spaces. The layout and composition allow for a specific spatial development—all multilevel apartments have ceilings as high as 3.60 meters in the principal areas and windows affording great views. Towards the street there is a virtual enclosure where the sliding doors mark the perimeter of the parking lots. The doors are a semi-transparent metal structures that allow for a friendlier encounter between the pedestrian and the corner. Further away from the street starts the monolitic structure in textured concrete. The facade facing San Martin Avenue has an abstract distribution of openings, preventing pedestrians from deciphering the heights of the stories. The opposite occurs with the facade facing Martinto Street, where the regularity of overlapping large spans is obvious.


The district of Barranco is the artistic and bohemian area of Lima, where people like to use their time to go for a walk and enjoy life while observing the sights. A big part of the district is considered monumental and it has historic areas. There are many open public spaces, churches, and historic homes, dating back to the 20th century, when it emerged as the summer beachtown for Lima citizens. Barranco has the area with highest real estate and commercial development of the last few years. It is a small and dynamic district, with a particular scale, and an extensive boardwalk that rests 30 meters above the Pacific coastline. The building restrictions inside the historic area dictate maximum heights of 9 meters. This means the view from the apartment building into the historic area and toward the coast is unobstructed. The immediate context is comprised of commercially built eight-story apartment buildings, a treed avenue affording plenty of space between the street and buildings, and the historic district—marked by the appearance of a convent with a chapel and cupule.


Flat: Located on floors 2, 3 and 5. The kitchen is integrated with the social area in a single space, increasing its height in the area near the balcony window. Loft: Located on floors 4 and 6. The idea of the loft is rethought. A large continuous space, where spin levels allow versatility of usage. A large balcony window provides plentiful light and airflow. Penthouse: Located on floors 7 and 8. The concepts of flat and loft are combined. A great continuous space developed on 4 levels, with 2 projections to the outside: the large balcony window and a terrace on the upper level.

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