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2016 MCHAP

Photo Museum Cuatro Caminos

Taller Rocha + Carrillo

Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico

September 2015


Mauricio Rocha Iturbide Gabriela Carrillo Valadez


Enrique Ibarra (Architect ) Juan Carlos Montiel Rodriguez (Architect )


Pedro Meyer


Mauricio Salas Franco Aura Camila Mata Lara Pedro Meyer


The space aims to change and make new uses of the image, with flexibility and versatility to the public. The idea is to promote educational experiences that detonate creativity of visitors from interacting with the image and visual culture. Recover what was, optimize and connect smart structures that open to the north with very light or concrete structures.


Great Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer and promoter of digital photography founded the Pedro Meyer Foundation in Coyoacan and in late 2012 decided to create a public center. A space where could accommodate any interpretation of the photo and take advantage of this new look that makes any viewer like a photographer today. New formats, new interpretations in addition to its many faces was a theme that opened the discussion to establish this new center in an area of town that used to be a coordinating node between the borders of one state and another, a connection point, Cuatro Caminos. A new offer which means MUSEUM seeks all to recycle a number of properties each with different characteristics. A furniture store, a plastics factory and an office area, all in a sort of island surrounded by a cemetery and an avenue with a large vehicular density.


With the aim of helping to generate significant social cultural dynamics on the site, Cuatro Caminos is open to any visitor, has no permanent collection, but a diverse program of activities ranging from the implementation of major electronic music festivals, photo exhibits in high format, workshops and living spaces. With very few resources were involved more than six thousand square meters of open spaces for culture and entertainment intervened in contrast to a policy of excessive consumption that characterize these areas near the city. Likewise, his raw and industrial architecture program at the site with the contemporary look and variety of flexible spaces that conform to the new dynamics of life.

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