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2016 MCHAP

Miraflores House

Caballero - Fernandez, Arquitectos

Funes, Argentina

February 2014


Gerardo Caballero Maite Fernández Orlando Alloatti


Derek Sloane (Project Team) Jaime Cumpa (Project Team) Pablo Legizamón (Project Team) Adrián Sanchez (Main Constructor)


Mario Bulos Mónica Rébora


Gustavo Frittegotto


Exist in the countryside and small towns of Argentina houses of extreme simplicity, not only in their geometry but also in their construction, barely defined by brick walls and corrugated metal roofs. This is the reference from where this project comes from. Another factor that defines it is the particular functional program: its use is not permanent but only temporary, in weekends or vacations. The house - conceptually speaking - relates more to the immense and vast landscape of the Argentinean Pampas than to its specific location in this particular site of regular dimensions. In a way, the house can be seen as an isolated object in the middle of nowhere


The house - pragmatically speaking - starts as an exercise of adjustment to the particular location of the site, regarding privacy and orientations. The “L” shape chosen gives shape to a kind of courtyard protected from the street, while closing the house to the south orientation – defined mostly by rain and wind - and facing north – plenty of sunlight.


Having the specific use of the house in consideration, the private areas have been split in two: the bedroom of the owners located in the ground floor and at the other end -in a mezzanine- the two bedrooms for visitors. Both areas meet at the living-room, as the most public place of the interior. Outside, the courtyard works as an extension of this interior space. Behind the elevated bedrooms there is a covered space for barbecues, which is directly related to the kitchen but hidden from the patio. Patio and barbecue gallery work as independent spaces that mingle in the swimming pool.

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