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2016 MCHAP

Lookout Scaffold

Roman Jesus Cordero Tovar and David Sosa Solis

Merida, Mexico

April 2014


Román Jesús Cordero Tovar/PLUG David Sosa Solis


Mauro Caamal Vargas (Structural Engineer)


Mirador Montejo S.A. de C.V.


Marcos David Matute Gonzalez Rodolfo Baeza Correa Román Jesús Cordero Tovar


The idea proposes a scaffold approach (lightly and modular) for an optimal structural solution that works perfect for taking care of economic resources and for a short construction time. In addition, the building is surrounded by a climate-oriented screens and crown a collective space that connects with the city. To accomplish it we propose a strategy based on three actions: 1. Raise the building half floor in order to accommodate the parking below it and, at the same time, reinforce the presence towards the street. 2. Relate each building facade with a double screen that acts as a responsive skin to its function and sunlight. 3. Crown the building with a public space for the use of tenants and visitors offering them the possibility to contemplate the city from above and accommodate occasional events


Due to the insecurity problem in other states of México, and being famous for its peaceful way of life and flat topography, every year waves of people choose Mérida as their new home. With its population every year closer to one million inhabitants, Mérida is facing the challenge, for one hand, to accommodate the new comers, and in the other, the developers, unregulated by the authorities, decide when and how the city grows, choosing every time the cheapest lands, remote and distant from the consolidated city. This phenomena tends to exclude from new investments some totally consolidated symbolic areas of the city. The Avenue “Prolongación De Paseo Montejo” is being affected by this trend. The location of the building was chosen to revert this trend.


The repercussions have surpassed our expectations, So far; at least other two developers are either building or planning projects similar to ours over the avenue. There is a new trend starting in the area. About the building, the users are notably satisfied with the Project. The public space at the top of it has become a gathering place, especially during the sunset.

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