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2016 MCHAP

El Rancho

Mbad Arquitectos

Playa Hermosa, Uruguay

January 2015


adrian duran mario baez


florencia koncke (collaborator) paolo russi (collaborator)


pablo baez


mbad arquitectos


Now the possibility of building this "new ranch" trying to solve in a minimum space two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living area was given. The economic conditions of the order were limited and needed to change an object able to transform and evolve from intervention client. A rigid support able to take these interventions.


“EL RANCHO” – A LOW COST AND 50% HANDMADE PROJECT Def.: An austere rural housing; makeshift housing, generally poorly built or do not meet the basic standards of habitability. A particular request under very limited conditions: a small plot in a seaside area, east of the city of Montevideo; a very low budget; the possibility and necessity of participation in building customer (handmade) or own solving or completing important issues; precarious preexisting character until the work functioned as a refuge and summer house, two very basic wooden buildings, one original "ranch" as they called, a 4x3 room where every summer and free time it worked as a house, room, kitchen, etc. To this it is added a will, open, outdoor covered barbecue area and eating space and outdoor seating also very close existing space. For customers these buildings represent a large part of their lives and had served as a summer retreat regardless of their precarious condition.


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