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2016 MCHAP

Edificio Seis

Franco Somigli - Felipe Moreno - Juan Sebastian Lama - Mathias Klotz

Santiago, Chile

December 2015


Franco Somigli Mathias Klotz


Eduardo ruiz-Risueño - Nicolas Reitze - Pablo Andrade - Ricardo Di PArodi (Contributing architects) Rene Lagos Engineers (Structural Engineer)


Inmobiliaria e Inversiones Cerro San Luis


Franco Somgili


The objective is to design a mid rise apartment building that has to respond to three main directives: economical viability, structural efficency and to be a proper addition to the neighborhood rich architecture. That is why we came with the idea of developing not a classical apartment building, but rather conceive the project as six houses piled together in this small site. We figured that if we proposed each apartment as a two story house, with terraces that have at least 32 sqm each and a structure effciently enough to support future alterations in it´s interior, we would be adding value to the project. The building as a whole acts as a contention wall for the topography and creates a platform for the upper apartments that is used to create a perimetral yard that sorrounds them and conforms different spaces for different uses, including a private swimming pool for those units which is inserted in the ceilling an has a reinforced glass on one of its sites looking to the city. Each house is comunicated by a central vertical circulation, that was enclosed by a five story concrete bricks facade that acts as a bris soleil "bathing" the access of each unit with a very special luminosity. The use of concrete, wood and steel as principal materiality was a deliberate decision in order to give the project it´s own characteristic and as a way of taking distance of the usual solutions used in residential apartments.


The project is inserted in a very particular neighborhood, an urban hill that is located in the middle of a very active financial district with excellent connectivity. It could be said that the site is in a sort of residential "oasis", well connected, yet isolated from the rush and noise of the city. The morphology of the site is another imput that conditions the design, as it has a strongly inclined surface, the project must take a clear posture in order to confront this topography and, in a certain way, use it for it´s advantage if possible. As a third consideration, the project site is sorrounded by examples of very fine residential architecture, which make this neighborhood a sort of open- air catalogue of modern and post-modern housing.


As it was established in the primary directives, the building has been an economic success and it was entirely sold out six months before its completion date. The project is being used as a structure that holds six different houses, in which every owner has already made modifications in order to satisfy their needs. Each house stands as a volume that emerges from the hill and contains it. Finally, the use of concrete, wood and steel, not only marks a difference between this proposal and similar projects, but it also gives the building a special techtonic, it looks

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