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2016 MCHAP

De la Cruz Chapel

Estudio Cella

Santa Ana, Argentina

April 2014


Carlos Daniel Cella Lucia Cella


Arq. Pedro Peralta (Designer)


Provincial Housing Development Institute-Arch. Manuel A. Meaurio


Ramiro Sosa


The geometry originates from the double tension between the views of the cross and the connection with the court-side terrace. The double envelope, the outside is white and the inside is covered in wood. The outer volumes is defined by the directionality to the cross and the lateral connection to the atrium plaza. When the chapel is seen by far the contrast between materials: basalt stone walls, white surround and wooden interior, emphasize its composition. Otherwise the materialization of the chapel is related to the argentinian traditions of the white chapels from the jesuit constructions.


The Park where the chapel is located is a tribute to epic word of the Jesuit Misions. (S. XVII) The site chosen for the chapel was a gap in the forest with a difference in height between the access road and the chapel of 15 meters. The height difference was solved through pedestrian ramps to get to the entrance plaza, which besides being an atrium is itself a space for contemplation of the landscape.


The position of the balcony-atrium high above the main road, seeks to isolate the space from the tourist circuit and allows the realization of ceremonies with a greater number of faithful in comparison with the interior capacity. The atrium is also a place to contemplate the immensity of the jungle. In opposition to the traditional axial access, in this case the perpendicuar access gives the possibility o casual visitor can cross the interior without interfering with the proper scope of prayer. The transparent altar not only redefines the distal cross but also the surrounding jungle is transforms as an object of contemplation.

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