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2016 MCHAP

Calera del Rey

Gualano + Gualano Arquitectos

Calera del Rey, Uruguay

December 2014


Marcelo Gualano Martín Gualano


Ignacio de Souza (Collaborator) Joaquín Mascheroni (Collaborator)


Mauro Vázquez


Federico Cairoli


A long vaulted ceiling defines the project, 6 meters wide x 24 meters long. The dome rests on two stone walls of the place, also supported by a lightweight tubular metal structure. Below, three pieces of stone, the biggest, bedrooms and bathrooms, the kitchen counter and grill, the others. A gallery, a long space, covered, protected from the south and open to the north


Hills, distant horizon, rustic and soft landscape, 20 hectares of land. The enclave, a set of rocks and a "cornilla" (tree: Scutia Buxofolia) that position the piece. A courtyard to the south, protected, containing the tree. To the north the horizon, the views and the landscape sloping down to the stream that crosses the place.


A place to go to rest on weekends or holidays, a little refuge. 110 km from the city. The "house" and a swimming pool, surrounded by almonds, a place to enjoy.

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