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2016 MCHAP

Ayelen School


Rancagua, Chile

July 2015



Matias Magnelli Natalie Ramirez Natalia Echeverri





The Ayelén School was recently created by the NPO Fundación Impulsa to provide free access to quality education, in a country where access to good education greatly depends on family income. Quality education is based on a clear methodological approach and architecture must contribute with spaces that not only facilitate educational activities but also contribute to build identity and community values, especially in the case of a new institution. Schools buildings are many times the consequence of the repetition of the classroom unit. In the Ayelén School, the larger facilities such as gymnasium and dining hall are located along the public façade accessed from an exterior lobby. This allows the school to share these spaces with the local community beyond the normal school activities. The classrooms, on the other hand, are located around a two-story courtyard partially covered by a roof with a circular opening, a strategy to maximize site area for playground use. The round opening across a square courtyard contributes to a sense of openness and unity while creating corners for shaded play areas.


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