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2016 MCHAP

AGP eGlass Factory & Offices

V.Oid + Felipe Ferrer Cárdenas

Lima, Peru

December 2015


V.Oid + Felipe Ferrer Cárdenas


Alejandro Alarcon Zubiaurr (Project Architect) Silvana Mendoza Lulo (Project Manager)


AGP eGlass


Juan Luis Moises Solano Ojasi


Going thru an all wrapped black carpet entry corridor, the ceiling height shrinks to have a buffer space between the street and the lobby, then the funnel shaped space opens up towards a vertical triple height cylindrical space that is wrapped in LED back lit 6m U glass. The white walls, floor and ceiling polarize the dark entry funnel. The reception desk is made of raw glass that have been built like a flat brick wall. The cylinder is disrupted by a cantilevered glass prism that hovers over the entry, this space is the board room, after walking up the glass stairs atypically this is the first space you encounter, it’s enclosed with switch glass and usually the board room is not used in privacy mode so it works great with the idea that the offices always have a visual connection to the production line. In addition, an inner glass façade reinforces the visual connection between offices and industry line The manager’s offices, kitchenettes, meeting rooms which are coded with lemon colored glass and the offices and meeting rooms are all enclosed with glass. Acoustic ceilings and carpets were used to optimize the acoustics in these spaces. The production offices hovers over the production line having a clear view of most of the areas; attached to this structure a glass floor bridge cantilevers from the corner as a lookout spot. AGP produces glass for car windshield, cleanness is crucial. The white epoxy floor and black out tensile textile for walls and ceiling reinforce this idea for the engineers and operators.


The brief of the project was to have a space that would inspire the people that works there, to encourage the operators and engineers to work as clean as possible and a stimulating office space that maximize the transparency and visibility towards the industrial line. Over 1 hectare of industrial space and offices have been used to accommodate the installations. Located in Lima’s center industrial area, the project negotiates a neutral façade with a pristine interior space. The project saved and adapted 40% of the existing structure which was a space that was used as a storage facility. The objective was to save as much as possible of the existing steel roof structure with its exterior cover. Also the office space originally was a double height storage area build with concrete and brick structure.


Because of the design of the new offices and industrial space, the productivity have almost doubled and the workers are 94% happy with their working environment. The mistakes made by the operators in the production line have decreased by half and there is a sense of pride of working in Lima in an industrial space that values not only the process of the product but also takes consideration of the wellness of the people. Acknowledging that design plays a key role in this process allows us to design such spaces.

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