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2014 MCHAP

Hunter Douglas Chile

Mathias Klotz

Santiago, Chile



Mathis Klotz / Klotz y Asociados Ltda.


Francisco Reyes / Klotz y Asociados Ltda. (Architect) Baltazar Sánchez / Klotz y Asociados Ltda. (Architect)


Hunter Douglas Chile S.A. Patricio Mardones


Guy Wenborne Roland Halbe


The first job was to improve the appearance of the industrial unit closest to the entrance and to build a cafeteria for staff and offices for executives. Our general proposal was to take charge of the whole complex, starting with the incorporation of green areas, resolving the offices and cafeteria in a new, two-story volume and developing a kinetic cladding that alters its appearance using the energy of the wind. We presented these ideas as our draft project, without imagining that Patricio Mardones, the general manager of the business, would react enthusiastically and personally take charge of developing the prototype for this new product. Since then we have worked together on a series of proposals and products, creating new types of cladding.


Hunter Douglas is a Dutch company that produces cladding materials for industrial, domestic and commercial architectural projects. For years they intended to move on from the site of their production plant, meaning they only made minimal operating investment in it. However they then decided to stay, and commissioned us to produce a project for new offices together with a master plan for the complex, to be completed over a number of years. The setting is an arid, dirty industrial complex with a lack of planning and very poor spatial qualities for employees, together with some ruinous constructions.


The factory has gradually regenerated its courtyards and gardens, as well as progressively refurbishing each of the facilities, taking the opportunity to incorporate the company’s new products.

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