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2014 MCHAP


Carla Juacaba

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil





Bia Lessa (Scenographer)






The building located in a peninsula between Ipanema and Copacabana beach is surrounded by the sea with intensive winds, sound of the weaves, and exterior ramps exposed to the sun. Scaffold structures have an immense capacity of charge with no material density, through which rain and wind can pass through. The first intention is to remind man of his frailty toward to nature.


The temporary builiding HUMANIDADE was constructed in Copacabana, a "stage of brazil" for multiple kind of events, where scaffold structures are part of the view. It was a decision to work with the material that we had in hand. A material that has been and will become other projects in the future. The structure is composed of 5 structural walls measuring 170m in length and 20 meters high, with 5,40m in between them, creating a suspended walkway over Rio’s landscape, The exhibitions rooms act as bracing of the whole structure, stiffening the structure as a whole. It was an “open structure” , rigid in one direction, that accepts a programmatic instability. There was no study of form: the arrangement of the volumes between the walls could be many, with the same design.


The building was constructed to last 2 weeks for the event Rio+20 that happened in Rio de Janeiro in June-July 2012. The exhibition rooms were open for the public and had a visitation more than expected, around 200.000 people. There were also rooms and auditorium for the official meetings, but all the conections: ramps elevators and stairs, ended in the same terrace garden on the top.

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