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2014 MCHAP

14+9 Townhouses

Marvel Architects

Brooklyn, NY, USA

December 2013


Joanthan Marvel, FAIA/Marvel Architects PLLC


K S K Construction Group (Builder), Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP Engineering (Structural Engineer), Collado Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Langan Engineers (Civil Engineer & Surveyor)


Abby Hamlin, HS Townhouse Development Partners, Francis Greenburger, Time Equities


Nathan Sayers, David Sundberg


The 14+9 Townhouses are a development that joins neighborhoods and revitalizes a two acre area of Brooklyn that had been underutilized for three decades. Not since the late 1920's had New York City seen the creation of an uninterrupted blockfront of new market rate townhouses. The development provides 23 modern interpretations of the single-family townhomes. To the North and West a parking lot site will be developed in the future. As a part of the project’s development, the 14 Townhouses served as the integral backdrop for an installation bringing together the work of 42 designers and 25 artists, all Brooklyn-based, under one domestic roof. Accessible to the design community and the neighborhood through open houses and public discussions, installation engaged and introduced the 14 Townhouses to the neighborhood and Brooklyn.


14 + 9 Townhouses is a development for a two-acre urban renewal site had been vacant for more than sixty years. Positioned between the commercial core of downtown Brooklyn and the historic neighborhoods of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, the first 14 Townhouses served as an anchor for the planned block-long redevelopment by reconnecting the site to its adjacent brownstone neighbors. The site flanks and adjoins five Italianate townhouses that are listed on the National Register. To the south, across State Street, is a row of Greek revival townhouses, many also listed on the National Register. The buildings complete the first full block of townhomes in Brooklyn in over a century. The exterior façade of each new home features both brick and metal accents. The façades cant subtly in contrast to the black metal framed window openings which maintain the streetwall. Generously large windows allow sunlight to flood through the front side and 10ft wide patio doors expose the dining room and kitchen to a private landscaped back yard. The focal design moment of the 14 +9 series is the final, corner townhouse, substantially clad in copper and textured black brick. An open-air, punched out corner terrace, framed in copper is a highlight to the massing.


Marvel Architect’ design for townhouses on State Street creates a respectful dialogue between old and new. Taking design cues from the historic landmarked houses adjacent to and across from the site, the first 14 townhouses, completed in 2006, feature subtly varied façade planes and contextually sensitive materials. The addition of 9 homes, finished in 2013, completes the first full block of townhomes in Brooklyn in more than a century. Together, 14+9 Townhouses provide a visually compelling and neighborhood-friendly street front. The townhouses have been widely recognized for elegantly reinterpreting modern living within this historic typology.

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