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2014 MCHAP

100 11th Avenue

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

New York, NY, USA

June 2010


Jean Nouvel / Ateliers Jean Nouvel


Beyer Blinder Belle Architects (Local architect)


Alf Naman Real Estate, Cape Advisors Inc.


Philippe Ruault, Roland Halbe




Reflections on the Hudson River It is one of those sites that requires architecture because of its exceptional potential. The corner of 11th Avenue and 19th Street is a clear example of this. Could you ever find a more open view? Could there ever be a location with more reflections in the Hudson River? Could you ever have a more prestigious, white and luminous neighbour at the street corner than Frank Gehry? Could you ever have a more immense and comprehensive fitness club than the Chelsea Pears on the other side of the avenue? Could you ever have more fashionable galleries and restaurants less than five minutes’ walk away? Could you ever see more extravagant sunsets? A site like this one encourages optimism. To exalt in the light. To make our mark in this rich and diverse neighbourhood by building our own restaurant, gallery and swimming pool. The architecture diffracts, captures and watches. On a curving angle, like that of the eye of an insect, differently-positioned facets catch all of the reflections and throw out sparkles. The apartments are within the "eye", splitting up and reconstructing this complex landscape: one framing the horizon, another framing the white curve in the sky and another framing the boats on the Hudson River and, on the other side, framing the mid-town skyline. The transparencies are in keeping with the reflections, and the textures of the New York brickwork contrast with the geometric composition of the large rectangles of clear glass. The architecture is an expression of the pleasure of being at this strategic point in Manhattan. Jean Nouvel

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