How to nominate a project for MCHAP​

Nominations for the two awards will be put forward anonymously by the group of Nominators. For the Americas Prize, each Nominator will be asked to propose a maximum of five projects that represent the best projects realized in the Americas over the previous two years. Additionally, the Nominators will be requested to submit one built work for consideration for the Americas Prize for Emerging Architecture. All nominations will be due in January of the awarding year.

Following the nomination process, the individuals or offices, referred to as Authors, will be requested to submit a dossier on their project. The submission requirements will be standardized for all entries.   

The Jury will hold its first session in the early spring and review the nominations for both awards. At the conclusion of the session, the Jury will announce the five finalists for the Americas Prize, as well as the winner for the Americas Prize for Emerging Architecture; the latter of which will be presented at the Benefit Ceremony held later in the spring.  

The second Jury session will be held in the summer, with visits to each of the five finalist projects and meetings with the respective Authors and Clients. The IIT College of Architecture will host the Americas Prize Ceremony in the fall. This multi-day symposium will include presentations from the Authors of each of the five finalists and a final Jury debate, culminating in the awarding of the Americas Prize.   


The Americas Prize process will be presented through print, film, and digital media. The two publications emanating from this process will also be seen as important research documents. The MCHAP Book will present not only the Jury deliberations of the selection process (Americas Prize Winner and four additional Finalists, Americas Prize for Emerging Architecture Winner, and other Outstanding Projects), but will also serve as a forum for the questions raised by the project and its importance within a larger intellectual context.


A monograph will be published on the work acknowledged in the Americas Prize for Emerging Architecture. Additional research developed as a result of the MCHAP Research Fellowship will be the subject of subsequent publications.