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PLUG architecture

MERIDA, Mexico

May 2019


Román Cordero, Izbeth Mendoza


ITRES, Ing. Mauro Camaal, Ing. Alejandro Patrón, Mena&Munch


Oscar Jiménez and Alma López


Román Cordero, David Matute, Oscar Jiménez, Joel Alavéz


The project works out as a prototype to solve issues of density in the city in a horizontal way with a very flexible structure at an affordable cost -due a rational use of structure and finishings- relating to each other both in composition and in use, sharing a well thought-of outside activity space in relation with the narrative of interior activities.

The linear organization amplifies longitudinal perception of the lot by establishing two programmed bands: one of domestic activities within a modulated elliptical arches pattern (prefabricated on site) along 5 x 50m and leaving another parallel strip of outdoor activities, promoting that all residents have daily contact (contemplative and interactive) with the longitudinal garden.


The proposal responds to the request for design of two residences for sale in a first phase and a possible third one for a second, in contiguous plots of 15 x 50m each. The site is surrounded by large plots with oversized residences. This proposal will be an opportunity to reframe a new type of domestic logic for a house for sale that offers a maximum flexibility both exterior and interior with a rational investment.


The domestic strip is surrounded by equipped walls that allow to contain support program of each interior activity; The depth of openings within these walls helps protect from sun and side views, as well as providing views, lighting and ventilation to interior.

The orientation of strips helps native vegetation to refresh internal and external atmosphere, because it alienates itself from prevailing winds and makes garden enjoyable in sunny hours throughout the year, very necessary in a city that daily reaches very high temperatures (especially in summer).

The opportunity offered by integrating, to the idea of inhabiting, multiple atmospheres of outdoor activities within domestic landscape is a necessity now more than ever. The garden is to the house as the house is to the garden.

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