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Equipo de Arquitectura

Asunción, Paraguay

June 2018


Horacio Cherniavsky, Viviana Pozzoli


Emilio Richer, Lucila Garay


Equipo de Arquitectura


Leonardo Mendez, Federico Cairoli, Jason Schmidt


Dreams + Necessity + Available resources = Project

Solving the basic equation of materializing dreams through a bounded budget, we initiated the construction process of our architectural office. The exercise begins with the experimental transformation process of materials, such as earth, wood and glass, configuring them between two existing trees: a flame tree, that stays outside but framed, and a guavirá tree, that stands in the middle of the space to share our company.

The 30 cm rammed earth walls hold the weight of the roof, resting in only 20 cm of its width, exploiting the structural qualities of this material. All of the furniture and doors are made of recycled wooden forms used in the concrete slab that covers the office. The library detaches from the walls in order for the light to continue its path, suspending books and paintings, studio’s most precious treasures.

If light builds time, and gravity builds space, the atmosphere of Earthbox is built with the sound of jazz, the smell of incense and the flavor of fresh coffee.


Immersed in the urban fabric of the city of Asunción, taking advantage of a small residual space in a residential lot with multiple large pre-existing trees, the Earthbox is implanted in a way that is respectful of the context, taking these natural elements to configure the form and function of the space and use them as enhancers of the architectural experience.


A place for creative work that seeks to stimulate its inhabitants with the atmosphere of a fresh space, full of textures, natural light and a strong relationship with the existing natural environment, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the building.

This is a project that tries to demonstrate the efficiency of the use of ancient alternative building techniques for a world that needs more sustainable ways of relating to the environment.

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