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The Click Clack Hotel Medellin


Medellin, Colombia

June 2019


Felipe Mesa, Federico Mesa


Click Clack LAB (Felipe Cruz, Tomás Beltrán), Estrumetal, Epífita, CONINSA RAMON H., Laura Kate Correa


The Click Clack Hotel


Alejandro Arango (exterior), Carlos Vélez (interior)


The daily life of the hotel and the city are complementary. The building is an epicenter to promote local creative industries through art, gastronomic events, fairs, concerts, theatre, nightlife, and various types of recreation. The structure of the building was designed to have a wide structural span and allow the passage of people into its semi-public areas. The expression of the structural forces is part of its form. The building was thought of as a large, heavy, and perforated machine, resistant and friendly. In Medellín, the intense sun generates defined shadows all the time. The tones vary in intensity, always keeping in a gradation of grey. This building participates in that same palette, and more than a volume, it pretends to be a shadow that stands out and contrasts with the intense vegetation of the interior and the surroundings.


The building is an urban crossing with a permeable configuration. It completes the block, creating a pedestrian crossing and new semi-public spaces: a passage, stairs, a courtyard, a podium, platforms, terraces, and a bleacher. It has several accesses and is surrounded by native vegetation. The building has an internal network with connectivity through several vertical communication zones: seven staircases, six elevators, corridors, mezzanines, ramps, and doors, generating flexibility and allowing singular dynamics to each type of event. Each visitor can wander through the various spaces where cultural agendas and interactivity take place and curiosity is rewarded.


The hotel has a wide range of different types of compact rooms, grouped and stacked in volumes of various sizes, where the tropical climate can affect the building through balconies, terraces, platforms, and decks. Each room has a unique location, according to its height and its relationship with the exterior or interior of the building: there are corner rooms, rooms towards the courtyard, towards the passage, or the outer streets. The hallways have natural lighting and open spaces with native vegetation. The roof terrace is also full of activity, and it has a swimming pool, bars, restaurants, and an outdoor cinema.

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