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2016 MCHAP

Infinita House

Natura Futura Arquitectura

Babahoyo, Ecuador

November 2014


José Fernando Gómez


Fausto Quiroz (Editor Text)


Magaly Villalba


Jose Fernando Gomez Marmolejo


Obtaining a sober project with a clear and basic formal character, where virtually its exterior permeable screen separates the interior, not forgetting the meaning of the street as an extension of the house within the cultural and traditional framework of the population, in a dual order, between the grid and the dynamism of its openings helping the lightness of the wall, maintaining a sense of continuity with the sky, working with the positive tension with the environment, makes its way to a project more anchored in experiences. An architecture that invites different types of emotions, within the pure, routine experiences, that nonetheless become different. It creates a memory of living nearer the context, a play of light and shadows, like contemplating a transparent dress. fragile, suggesting diverse sensations, where intrigue and desire survive. The dweller does not feel trapped, but free, which is part of a necessary vision.


The project is located within a residential area of complex order and context in northern Babahoyo, the capital of de los Ríos Province, Ecuador,within a population around 153,000, as in many countries in Latin America, the first point as an objective of a project is to resolve the insecurity, the majority of houses used bars of metal, electrical fences and walls closed, losing contact social housing to the street, the intention is to change a small part of the idea of how we envisage a city closest to the context. The houses consists of 5 bedrooms, a small interior courtyard and front courtyard leading onto the street with its central axis, the tree that will generate with its projected growth a transformation inside and outside.


Its construction is based on a handmade construction process using local labor and materials, stacking a thousand square blocks of clay, wood and treated blocks. The fragmented natural lighting from the exterior wall is directed toward the center fading slowly inward, denoting a spiritual character, plus the austerity in the material palette and colors emphasizes this intention. An intention that evolves from a renovated home. The project is being inserted with clean, basic formal order out of chaos and disorder skyline, generating results in a reflection of the community of individual and collective improvement, where the effect of renewing with less, is a key point of inclusion to context.

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